Manually restoring one mailbox config

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Manually restoring one mailbox config

Postby spkeller » Thu Dec 15th, 2016 4:49pm

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A while back, we had a bit of a system melt-down and I needed to restore the configuration files. One account just never really came back completely.
I had to retrieve a backup of the afx file, re-index it and then import it into a fresh afx on the server. The original attempt was successful in re-creating the email folder structure, but I was unable to get the client to send/receive new mail. Another attempt left the folder structure in a complete mess, but the account could send/receive. I finally stopped (for now - and maybe for good) on a restore that is functioning, but is still without the original folder structure (which the end user isn't any too happy about).
So here's my question...
Is it possible to manually restore a set of config files to a 'dummy' mailbox. I would hope to be able to have the correct folder structure and then import the emails into it. Then connect an Outlook client using IMAP, let the current emails sync across the network, then export them to a PST. I could then import the contents of the PST into the users current account, thus rebuilding the folders and contents.
I should mention that this .afx file is about 13GB and contains 35000 email messsages. Because of it's size, re-indexing, copying, importing messages, this all takes quite a bit of time.
I'd like to do this once.

Oh, and a special thanks to Susan Bunbury for helping me get this far.
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