How do I tell if I have the WiX version?

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How do I tell if I have the WiX version?

Postby marcw » Sun Nov 27th, 2016 2:21pm

Mailtraq Version:

I've been letting Mailtraq just rattle along, and not kept up with things.

It seems the WiX version is the recommended route, going forward. Is there something in the splash screen that tells me what I've got?

I have Mailtraq.exe and MailtraqService.exe in my execution folder.

I probably need to update, and perhaps move to the WiX version if I'm not on it - but how do I tell?

I've had some odd things happening recently, such as services not starting, so I'm looking to get back to a current level.

But the support page suggests the WiX version is only for new installations....
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