MOS Exception Errors and an Archive Issue

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MOS Exception Errors and an Archive Issue

Postby » Fri Jul 10th, 2015 9:59am

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For the last two days two users have experienced different MailTraq Outlook Sync application errors.
One user is getting, at login, "Exception EReadError" and the other is getting these errors.
1. MOS reports it cannot connect to the server
2. A Runtime error" while synchronization is running.

In a separate matter, an attempt was made to set the Archive (within System Maintenance) within a shared calendar (180 days).
It was manually run, ran overnight, didn't finish, and when cancelled it was found to have deleted the latest items leaving the oldest items.
-This was the opposite of the expected result.
Within the same calendar I tried to manually delete older items. I highlighted the items to be deleted, selected delete.
The latest items were deleted instead of the selected items!

Since the Archive doesn't really archive, but instead moves items to another calendar, how can I truly delete old items?
Will Outlook's auto-archive do a better job?
And, does the MailTraq calendar archive items based on the date they were *added* to the calendar or the date of the *event*?

Thanks in advance.
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