Mailtraq and Changing ISPs

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Mailtraq and Changing ISPs

Postby pkeenan » Sun Nov 30th, 2014 9:11pm

Mailtraq Version:, running on a Windows 7 Pro box.

Mailtraq has been running pretty well for us lately. Today I have a few configuration change questions, related to the use of Rogers SMPT servers.

We use Mailtraq as an IMAP server in our office so there's one incoming mailbox everyone logs into, with folders for each staff member, etc.

Over the last couple of days, we shifted ISPs for performance reasons (Bell to Rogers). Accounts and hardware for both are installed and active.

We were connecting to our '' server on port 465 with authentication and explicit SSL, with Bell on port 25 as the backup. This worked reliably.

However, it now seems (and wasn't quite disclosed) that Rogers doesn't allow access to non-Rogers SMTP services, so we can't get to our '' SMTP server.

Rogers wants the outgoing server to be on, port 465, authentication and SSL, so I've put this in the Outgoing Server details.

However, I am missing something in the configuration steps to make this work - mail will not leave the outgoing folder with the Rogers settings in place. The log files mention 'establishing protocol with' the Rogers SMPT server, and that's followed immediately by 'tagging message __ for failure/later retry'.

I don't seem to be able to tell if I even have something like a typo in the password, though I'm pretty sure that's not the case (I copied and pasted the same info to a webmail interface and it worked).

Incoming mail is not affected.

I'm putting Mailtraq back onto the Bell service for now because that lets the mail move out, but I'd greatly appreciate any comments on what I've missed in this.

Best Regards,
Patrick Keenan
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