Cannot connect to Mailtraq

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Cannot connect to Mailtraq

Postby sdresearch » Mon Mar 03rd, 2014 11:16am

I seem to be having Mailkeep problems:

Here is the log from a session this morning:
----------------------- Mon, 03 Mar 2014 10:42:04 -0000

10:19:30.449 Starting delivery with 7 message(s) queued
10:19:30.449 Connecting by SMTP to to...
10:19:30.964 << 220 Ready for action (Mailtraq
10:19:30.964 >> HELO
10:19:31.089 << 250
10:19:31.089 Starting delivery: 1403031018539577
10:19:31.089 >> MAIL FROM:<>
10:19:31.324 << 250 receiving from
10:19:31.324 >> RCPT TO:<>
10:19:31.543 << 250 receiving for
10:19:31.543 >> DATA
10:19:31.761 << 354 send the message, terminate with "."
10:42:04.819 (EXCEPTION) Write error 64, The specified network name is no longer available

I am not sure what happens as several things are happening at once, but my external users cannot clear their outgoing Outlook mailboxes that are trying to connect to Mailtraq, and, at the same time I cannot logon to Mailkeep, as everything just hangs until IE times out. And when I eventually get onto Mailkeep it has strored mail and it won’t download the mail that has been stored by pop, ODMR or ESTP

So could the Mailtraq problems cause Mailkeep issues or vice versa?

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Re: Cannot connect to Mailtraq

Postby sdresearch » Tue Mar 04th, 2014 9:16am

Its happening again, any chance of a reply from Elric, please

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Re: Cannot connect to Mailtraq

Postby Elric Pedder » Wed Mar 05th, 2014 12:49pm

I don't know if you got my direct e-mail but if you can send me a log from the Mailtraq side I should be able to figure out what happened.
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