News for July 2007

Updates on work in progress and information on new features.

News for July 2007

Postby Elric Pedder » Mon Jul 16th, 2007 11:47am

Hi all,

First a quick update to the subjects discussed in the last news post, then the new stuff.


And updated version of Vista was released recently and it is working well for users. More have migrated and this allows us to tweak the interface. At this stage there still isn't strong enough usage for us to migrate the core Mailtraq system to the Vista model so we will continue to provide two versions for now.


With more optimizations this engine is turning out to be very powerful. IMAP users, in particular, see significant performance increases. It looks like this engine is here to stay.

Outlook Synchronization

The Mailtraq Outlook Synchronization kit is now widely used and we are getting good feedback. It is undoubtedly faster and more reliable and we will continue to refine the system over the coming weeks.

You can download it here: [url=]MailtraqSyncSetup.exe[/url]

2.11 Release

In May we officially released 2.11. Because of the many updates included in it we want to release 2.12 very soon with minor tweaks but without any major new features.

Scheduled Autoresponder

In build 2210 we introduced an auto-responder extension to Calendar events. It is now possible to have your Mailslot auto-responder changed while an event is active in your calendar. This is ideal for setting "Vacation" messages or providing after-hours responses to enquiries. Users can manage this in their WebMail accounts.


As of build 2200, Mailtraq now completely supports the IDLE extension to IMAP (it was partly supported in the official 2.11 release). This extension provides very low bandwidth real-time notification for mailbox updates (such as new mail or another user moving a message). Ideal for PDAs or slow-connections where users want instant e-mail notification.

Unicode WebMail Updates

We have added many minor adjustments to WebMail (both standard and EWA) to better support Unicode characters.

Cluster Gateway

The largest development project at the moment is a cluster gateway for Mailtraq. This is a separately installed application that will allow multiple Mailtraq installations to share the same domain name. The gateway will accept SMTP, POP3, IMAP and HTTP connections and route them to an appropriate Mailtraq instance.

For SMTP, the gateway will contact each of its peer servers and provide the same envelope (but with a single recipient) to determine which peer (if any) will accept the mail. If one is found, it is cached and future mail to the same address is sent to it. For the other protocols, the gateway will find a peer that will accept the given credentials then act as a proxy.

Using our new experimental extension for SMTP, the Mailtraq servers that receive gateway connections are still able to assess the IP address that the connection is coming from using DBL, SPF and so on.

Ongoing developments...

And of course we continue to work on a vastly improved messaging platform in the background. This takes a lot of work, and time, but the result will be an extremely versatile system. Whenever things go quiet, you can be assured we are working on this project.

Some of the newly developed systems are integrated into the current Mailtraq project when they are ready so current users benefit from the work even while it is still in development.

- Elric
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