Per-Recipient Content for Mailing Lists

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Per-Recipient Content for Mailing Lists

Postby Elric Pedder » Mon May 10th, 2010 10:56pm

Mailing List Enhancements

This feature is introduced in Mailtraq Build 2862

In this build of Mailtraq we introduce a number of enhancements for Mailing List mailslots. Previously content for each recipient was identical, which is less resource intensive as messages do not need to be duplicated. By allowing each message to be customised for the final recipient it is now possible to have messages that read, for example, "Dear John Smith," assuming that is the subscriber's name. Such mailings are well suited to marketing or to make the mailing list part of a customer relationship management system.

The new options are available on the Messages tab of the Mailing List object.

MailingListHeader1.png (45.79 KiB) Viewed 5370 times

If you select Recipient in the To header, then messages are exploded (similar to checking the Explode option) and separate content is generated for each recipient. The To: header is then replaced with the Subscriber Name and E-Mail address in standard RFC2822 format.

Per-Recipient Macro Expansion

If you check the Expand Macros checkbox, then messages are not only exploded but both the header and content are processed for macros. A Mailtraq Macro looks like this:
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and is replaced with a string taken from the subscriber.

The available macros depend on the type of subscriber, but $(name) and $(email) are always available. Remember that in additional to regular subscribers you can have an expansion subscriber (a Mailtraq Mail Group, a local directory LDAP query or an Address Book). For LDAP queries and Address Books the available macros are the same as the LDAP fields. For Example, $(givenName), $(sn), etc.

MailingListHeader2.png (49.23 KiB) Viewed 5370 times

Most of the time, you will want something that looks like this:

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Dear $(name),
Please enjoy this message

You can experiment by creating a mailing list with a single test recipient and sending messages to it. You should always experiment when you aren't sure what will appear in the outgoing message.
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