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Re: Beta: Mailtraq MMC Service Edition

Postby RobertvanderHulst » Thu Sep 17th, 2009 2:47am


I have been testing the MMC console for a while, and it seems to do its job very well. My compliments !
One (small) thing that has annoyed me is this:
when the console is running on a multi monitor system all dialogs are opened on the 'primary' monitor and not on the 'current' monitor.
I have a machine with two minitors. The primary monitor is on the right hand side. The secondary monitor is on the left hand side, and has negative screen coordinates.
The Mtq console seems to always want to center its dialogs on the primary monitor.
Is this something you can fix ?

Btw: We had the same problem in our applications.
We are now using some code that uses MonitorFromRect() and GetMonitorInfo() to determine the current
monitor and position the dialogs properly. I can send you the code if you are interested.

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Beta: Mailtraq MMC Service Edition

Postby Elric Pedder » Tue Oct 06th, 2009 1:04pm

Hi all,

As many users have discovered, we have been experimenting with a new deployment package of Mailtraq designed to be managed through the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). There are several significant changes involved in this move which I will outline here. This isn't just a change of user interface but a substantial improvement in Mailtraq's core design, so please take the time to read this.

Quick Summary

[list][*]The new user interface can be used to remotely manage Mailtraq
[*]The new version is completely Microsoft Vista / Windows 2008 / Windows 7 compatible
[*]You can easily upgrade to the new version without changing your configuration in any way
[*]You can return to a previous version, so the upgrade is no risk
[*]A single computer can now manage multiple Mailtraq servers without requiring VNC, Remote Desktop or any other remote access tools
[*]A new system tray icon is available to provide additional monitoring and quick access to the console


The recommended upgrade procedure is to first un-install your current Mailtraq version and then execute one of the new build packages. Currently these are named MailtraqWixSetupnnnn.exe where nnnn is the Mailtraq build. Currently each build issued will be available in the standard version and in this new version. As of writing, the current build is

When you execute this package, it will download the .msi and then proceed with installation. If you need to download the package in advance (if, for example, you do not have Internet access on the machine that will be running Mailtraq) you can download the .msi file directly. It will be located at

The System Tray Icon

Immediately after upgrading, the system tray icon will not appear but if you installed it, you can find a shortcut in the Startup folder. This small application can be used to display monitoring graphs and the even log for multiple Mailtraq installations.

Using the new Console

The MMC edition now contains a Mailtraq service application which has no user interface and runs entirely as a system service, and a number of user interface components that are run separately. During installation you can choose (by selecting the Custom option) to install only the service or only the user interface. The primary user interface is an MMC snapin. You can launch the console through the installed shortcut (which will connect to Mailtraq running on the local computer by default).


You can also create a custom snapin that will connect to a remote computer by running mmc /32 at the command prompt, and then Add a Mailtraq console at which point you can specify the remote server IP address.


If you choose to save the credentials when you log in, then you can save the console you created and when you execute it later the login will be automatic. When you save a console your position in the tree, layout and other customisations are also saved.

You must log on to remote servers as a user with the System Administrator privilege. For the local server, you need only specify the console password if there is one, otherwise you can leave the password blank.


The new console has a similar structure to the traditional console but there are changes, many of which are necessary to meet MMC limitations and requirements. There are a small number of features that are not yet implemented, but many new features and more will be added to make the user interface as practical and effective as possible.

What will happen to the traditional console?

For at least the next few months, both versions will be released simultaneously. The next full release will also be available in both versions. In the long term, we will phase out the traditional console. The traditional console cannot be used in conjunction with the Microsoft Vista security model so there is simply no long term future for it and removing it will allow is to proceed with other needed upgrades in the future.
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