GNU Terry Pratchett

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GNU Terry Pratchett

Postby Malc » Tue Mar 17th, 2015 7:11am

Context: This came to my attention via, which points to, and quotes the erroneous statement:
"There is no harm, or waste in it being this string - so why not?"

There is probably no harm, but there is a small amount of wasted bytes (storage and transmission), and processor cycles.

Code: Select all
// Script to add "X-Clacks-Overhead: GNU Terry Pratchett" to mail and/or news
// Malcolm Pack 2015
// Trigger on Routing or Delivery - add to existing mail OR news routing OR delivery script,
//      OR create afresh if none exists
// Filter: None
// Trigger: Message: Outbound Mail Delivery AND/OR Outbound News Delivery
//     (OR Mail Routing to add to all mail)
// Script will modify the message

If(Length(Header("X-Clacks-Overhead")) = 0,
    SetHeader("X-Clacks-Overhead","GNU Terry Pratchett")

Remember to change final ";" to "," if not at the top level of the script, and to remove it altogether if the script is stand-alone.
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