Using Gmail (Google) as your Smarthost

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Using Gmail (Google) as your Smarthost

Postby Susan Bunbury » Tue Jan 15th, 2008 1:15pm

Mailtraq build 2298 added TLS client side support for POP3 and SMTP

One particular use of these new features is to allow the use of Gmail (Google) as your SMTP Smarthost - like this:

Step1 - Enable POP3 collection in your Gmail account.

Google explain how to do this here: Google Help > Gmail Help > Forwarding & POP/IMAP
Pay attention to the POP3 Options.


Step 2 - Configure your Remote POP3 Collector in Mailtraq.


with these settings:
POP3 Server:
Account/username: <your Gmail username> eg
Password: <your Gmail password>
SSL: Yes
and set the other dialog entries and Routing as you desire.

You can now collect your Gmail mail and route it to your Mailtraq mailboxes.
Successful completion of this step confirms that you are 'talking' to Gmail correctly.

Step 3 - Configure your Outgoing Mail ...

In the Mailtraq Console, set Options | Outgoing Mail to use Custom Routing Table, and then configure a route as illustrated:


Address Spec: *
Mail Host:
Authentication: Yes
SSL Mode: Explicit (STARTTLS)

Mailtraq will now send outgoing messages using Gmail account as your Smarthost.

Note: Gmail will substitute whatever email address you use in the authentication exchange, into the headers before they pass the message on, so check that the message routing is suitable for your environment, and naturally, make sure you are using your Gmail account within their terms and conditions of use. Updated: 1/31/2008
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