Activating the SQL Console for Firebird

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Activating the SQL Console for Firebird

Postby Elric Pedder » Fri Aug 18th, 2006 10:24am

The SQL console[b] allows the administrator to execute SQL commands directly within the [b]Firebird database. You should only do this if you are experienced with SQL and understand the Mailtraq architecture. It is very easy to damage your database and lose mail with just a slightly incorrect command.

To activate the console:
  1. Go to the windows registry and find the key
  2. Add a string value named DebugFlags and set the value to "sqlconsole=1". (If the value is already there, add ",sqlconsole=1" to whatever value is already set.
  3. Restart Mailtraq

The SQL Console entry will appear in the Tools menu. When you click on it you will be asked for your database username and password. Unless you have changed it or you are connecting to a custom database, the username is "SYSDBA" and the password is "masterkey".

Because of the integration with the older AFV Mailtraq database, the structure is very simple. All mail is in the AFS table.
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