Upgrading to Firebird Client/Server

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Upgrading to Firebird Client/Server

Postby Elric Pedder » Fri Mar 10th, 2006 1:24pm

This document explains how you can switch from the Embedded Firebird Engine currently shipped with Mailtraq to an independent Client/Server edition.

This procedure is for experienced administrators and is not officially supported

The Client/Server (CS) version of Firebird is a powerful and reliable system but you must be aware that it listens on an open TCP/IP port and security is up to you. Mailtraq uses the default security credentials when logging in. For the moment we only recommend that users experienced with Firebird perform this upgrade.

Firebird was designed to operate in CS mode and it must be in this mode to use third-party utilities such as FIBS (backup system).

Step 1: Install Firebird

You can download the full version of Firebird from here: [url=http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/firebird/Firebird-]Firebird-[/url].

Proceed to install from this package. Select the Superserver option, unless you specifically require something else. Defaults should be used where possible.

Step 2: Switch Client Access Library

  1. Download the C/S interface for Mailtraq from here: [url=http://resources.mailtraq.com/files/gds32_cs.zip]gds32_cs.zip[/url]
  2. Shut down Mailtraq
  3. Unpack the .zip file in the Mailtraq program directory, overwriting the existing gds32.dll
  4. Ensure the Firebird service is running (check in the Services control panel aplet
  5. Edit the registry values in HKEY_LOCAL_MACINE\Software\Fastraq\Mailtraq\FB inserting the prefix in the value before the paths (making the path, for example,\Program Files\Mailtraq\Database\mailtraq.fdb
  6. Start Mailtraq

Hopefully everything will work and you shouldn't notice anything different. If you run into problems, you can return to the embedded library using the gds32.dll file shipped with Mailtraq. It can also be found here: [url=http://resources.mailtraq.com/files/gds32_emb.zip]gds32_emb.zip[/url]


If you wish to change the username and password that Mailtraq should use to access the database, you must give these credentials to Mailtraq first. In the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Fastraq\Mailtraq\FB you will see entries for the database. The value part is the path to the database file. You need to append the username and password, separated by pipe characters (|) to this string.

For example,

Code: Select all
mail\inbox\*=\Program Files\Mailtraq\database\mailtraq.fdb|SYSDBA|masterkey
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