Connecting mobile devices - Blackberry etc

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Connecting mobile devices - Blackberry etc

Postby Susan Bunbury » Thu Feb 09th, 2006 10:19am

There are a number of 'flavors' of Blackberry - and some will only connect to RIM's servers.

You'll need to check how 'your' Blackberry integrates other email accounts. Blackberry provide a number of guides on how to configure their many products - for example:


However, assuming your user has a Blackberry that will connect to a POP3 (to receive mail) and SMTP (to send mail) server then all you need to do is:

1.) Make sure that Port 110 and Port 25 are forwarded through the firewall and router to the Mailtraq machine, so that POP3 and SMTP traffic arriving at your domain is directed to Mailtraq (see [url][/url])

2.) Make sure Mailtraq will accept the connection when you come to send mail.
To do this you change the setting in Options | Services - SMTP Properties, Relaying tab.

You should make a change from the default (shown here [url][/url] ) by additionally checking the box:
[x] Relay for machines recently collecting POP3 mail

Mailtraq will allow the Blackberry to collect the mail from the POP3 mailbox for each user, and use that connection to authenticate the sending of mail via Mailtraq's SMTP service.

Do keep in mind that if you are accessing the same mailbox from multiple devices you need to think about which device receives the mail - do any accounts have mail left on the server? - and where is the mail being sent from?

[Tip] Watching the POP3 service in the Mailtraq Event log will show you if the Blackberry's connection attempt is reaching Mailtraq.

If you have experience working with Blackberry or other mobile devices and wish to share that information please email us at

(Blackberry URL updated May 30, 2008)
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