Recovering messages from an AFV file

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Recovering messages from an AFV file

Postby Susan Bunbury » Tue Oct 11th, 2005 1:53pm

If you find it necessary to extract the individual messages from an AFV file then this utility, run from the Command prompt (DOS box) will enable you to do so.

The Utility is available from here:

This utility, called AFVSPLIT, takes AFV files and outputs multiple MMSG files.

Extract the afvsplit.exe from the Zip file, and then use it from the command prompt like this

Syntax :-
afvsplit in-file[,infile ...] outpath outfileprefix

Example :-
afvsplit "c:\temp\file1.afv,c:\temp\file2.afv" "c:\temp\", "file_"

You may also want to refer to this FAQ on message recovery.
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