Configuring Mail on the iPhone

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Configuring Mail on the iPhone

Postby Elric Pedder » Mon Feb 13th, 2012 9:37pm

This tutorial will show you how to configure an iPhone to connect to Mailtraq for e-mail access. In this tutorial I will show you how to connect to a secure Mailtraq IMAP service for incoming mail (shared with other mail clients, mobile devices and WebMail) and a secure SMTP service for outgoing mail.

Firstly you will need to configure secure services on Mailtraq. See Creating a Secure SMTP Submission Service and Creating a Secure IMAP Service. You will also need to configure your firewall to allow traffic to enter your network on ports 465 (Secure SMTP) and 993 (Secure IMAP).

To start, on the iPhone open the Settings application and select Mail, Contacts, Calendar.


Select Add Account...


Select Other at the end of the list.


Select Add Mail Account


Enter your Name, Mailtraq e-mail address, Mailtraq Password and a description for the account.


Then click Next and the iPhone will say Verifying. Wait for the next screen to appear which could be immediate or take a few minutes.


Now in the Incoming Mail Server settings change the Host Name to the Mailtraq server host name. The name you enter here should match the Subject in your certificate (if you are using SSL).

Set the User Name and Password to the Mailtraq account credentials.


Enter the same details into the Outgoing Mail Server section.


After you have done this touch Next on the top right and the Verifying... notice will appear. Note that this can take up to a few minutes on some systems.


If you are using a Self-Signed certificate a dialogue will appear saying the identify of the server cannot be confirmed and asking if you wish to add the certificate anyway. You should select Yes.

Although everything should be functional at this stage there is one tweak we recommend and that is to select the right special purpose folders in IMAP for deleting messages and for keeping copies of sent mail. To configure these follow the next steps.

Go to the Home screen and select Mail. Touch Mailboxes and then touch Sent and check Sent Items on the server. Now go back and touch Trash and then check Deleted Items on the server too.
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