Integrating Clam Antivirus 0.97 with Mailtraq

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Integrating Clam Antivirus 0.97 with Mailtraq

Postby Elric Pedder » Mon Mar 07th, 2011 1:35pm

If you are looking for a good free Anti-virus system for Mailtraq we recommend Clam Antivirus which is open-source and has integrated well with Mailtraq for many years.

Recently Clam has been updated and re-structured now requires a different installation method. We recommend downloading just the binary package from The latest version, as of this post, is For your convenience we are providing a mirror in the form of a .zip at which includes the support libraries in the correct directory.

To integrate with Mailtraq you should download and unpack one of the above files into the "c:\clamav" directory on your hard disk and run freshclam.exe. For example, download and open the file in explorer, then drag the "clamav" directory to your "c:\" drive. Afterwards, locate and execute freshclam.conf.

This will download your initial database. Make sure there is a "db" subdirectory to put the database in. You should run freshclam.exe frequently (ideally create a scheduled task). Then in Mailtraq, go to Options | Anti-Virus Integration... and scroll to Clam, select it and click Configure. Set the path to the clamd.exe file which should be c:\clamav\clamd.exe. Close the dialogue, check the Clam checkbox and test the configuration.
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