Custom SMTP port assignment

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Custom SMTP port assignment

Postby Susan Bunbury » Fri Aug 26th, 2005 4:03pm

Q: Our ISP blocks port 25 traffic outbound. So I have signed up with a relay company that are offering a relay on an unusual port - say 1234

Problem is: I can't enter a colon setting a specific port at the
Options | Outgoing Mail | Smart Host

A: You need to create a Custom Route
  1. In the Mailtraq Console, go to Options | Outgoing Mail
  2. Select:

    [x] Use Custom Routing Table
  3. Click the button Edit Table
  4. At the next dialog box click Add, and a new route will appear.
  5. Select the route (click it).
  6. In the dialog boxes below at Address Spec with enter at Mail Hosts your ISP's smarthost:
  7. Click OK to return to the Console. You may get a warning that the changes will not take place until the Outbound Router is idle: this is normal.

Always send some test messages and watch them go out via the Event Log to make sure you got the configuration right. :roll:
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