Allowing password change without offering webmail

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Allowing password change without offering webmail

Postby Susan Bunbury » Fri Aug 26th, 2005 3:43pm

Administrators will be aware that there is an option in WebMail to allow Users to change their own passwords. Here is a utility to allow users to change their passwords without offering webmail.

With Mailtraq shutdown, create a folder C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\WebMail\password. In that folder place a file called: index.asp which contains the following:

Code: Select all

  var msg = "Change your password here";
  if (Request.HasField("username")) {
    var user = Config.GetUser(Request.Fields("username"));
    if (user) {
      if (user.Password == Request.Fields("password")) {
        if (Request.Fields("newpassword1") == Request.Fields("newpassword2")) {
          user.Password = Request.Fields("newpassword1");
          msg = "Password Updated";
        } else {
          msg = "New passwords do not match";
      } else {
        msg = "Current Password is incorrect";
    } else {
      msg = "No such user";

    <TITLE>Password Change</TITLE>
    <H1>User Password Change</H1>
    <H2><%= msg %></H2>
      <H3>Your Username<BR><INPUT TYPE="edit" NAME="username" SIZE="32"></H3>
      <H3>Current Password<BR><INPUT TYPE="password"  NAME="password" SIZE="24"></H3>
      <H3>New Password<BR><INPUT TYPE="password" NAME="newpassword1" SIZE="24"></H3>
      <H3>Confirm New Password<BR><INPUT TYPE="password" NAME="newpassword2" SIZE="24"></H3>
      <INPUT TYPE="submit">

Next, Restart Mailtraq. Now if you browse to say, Users have access to the password utility without having to give them webmail privileges.
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