Messages sent to AOL are rejected

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Messages sent to AOL are rejected

Postby Susan Bunbury » Fri Aug 26th, 2005 3:18pm

AOL (and many other large ISPs) have a policy of not accepting email unless you have confirmed reverse DNS / PTR record set up


you have a prior arrangement with them: see for example

Most people get around this by sending all email to their ISP's smtp
server, but if you want to just send mail to AOL to the ISPs smart host
then you need to set up a custom route in Options | Outgoing Mail.

Like this:

To send all other messages via MX Resolution you can do this.

In the Mailtraq Console, go to Options | Outgoing Mail
and make a note of the DNS servers you are using for MX Resolution

It will be something like this, - your numbers will be different.

Then select:
[x] Use Custom Routing Table

and click the button
[Edit Table]

At the next dialog box click [Add], and a new route will appear.
Select the route (click it).
In the dialog boxes below replace the '*' at Address Spec with
'', and enter at Mail Hosts your ISP's smarthost.

Then add a new route, check the 'MX Hosts lookup' box and at the DNS
Machines entry put in the DNS servers you are using for MX Resolution

These are the numbers you made a note of above.

Then OK back to the Console. You may get a warning that the changes will
not take place until the Outbound Router is idle: this is normal.

Mailtraq will now route messages to AOL to your ISP and all other messages will resolve themselves.

You may add new routes to solve similar problems - Mailtraq will pass each in turn, top to bottom, ending with the '*' for everything else.

Always send some test messages and watch them go out via the Event Log to make sure you got the configuration right. :roll:
Best wishes,

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