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Postby Susan Bunbury » Fri Aug 26th, 2005 2:37pm

It is strongly recommended that users set their auto-responders via their webmail Options | Mail Settings (requires enabling in WebMail Admin).

However, if for some reason WebMail is not available Mailtraq still does provide user accessible auto-responders.

There are a couple of steps to enable this to be set up

First you have to enable an instance of Web Administrator.
  1. Go to Options | Services | Add | HTTP (Administrator)
  2. Install it on an unused port: 8080, for example.
  3. Make sure the check boxes are:

    [ ] Provide HTTP Proxy service (if offered)
    [ ] WWW Server
    [x] Web Administration Service.
  4. Then OK, back to the Console
  5. In the individual's User setting (right click on the 'face') in the Privileges tab, enable Configure Mailbox Auto responder.

Now, browse to the server say, and Log in with username & password. You can see a directory of users. Your mailbox will be at the top. To the right will be a couple of symbols. The envelope allows you to email someone (it is a simple non-secure
email client - not normally used, as there is full WebMail available).

The finger pointing to a notepad - symbol allows the user to configure their auto-responder.

Please read about auto-responders below.

Also - if you have a lot of users, read about the User Manager in the Help file - a few minutes reading and understanding here, will save you hours later.

Web Administrator Autoresponder
This page, accessed via Directory and Mailslot Properties, maps to the automatically respond to... facility on the Mail Tab. of the Mailbox properties dialog.

Enable the auto responder...
Check this to enable autoresponses from this mailbox.

Template Edit Pane
The template edit pane is initially empty unless the standard template, autoresponder.tpl, has already been subclassed for the current mailslot. If desired, the contents of that standard template can be copied, by opening it in a standard text editor, and pasted into the template edit pane to provide the basis for a customised autoresponse message.

When the necessary autoresponse information has been entered, click on Apply to record the changes or on Reset to return the mailbox autoresponse properties to their previous state.

Important Note
Autoresponder messages can, at best, be extremely annoying if sent to inappropriate recipients. At worst, they can cause damage to mail systems, particularly if Delivery Receipt Requests are also being generated. It is always wise to set a Reply-To header in autoresponse messages to another mailslot to avoid internal (to Mailtraq) or external message loops in case this autoresponder encounter another autoresponder. Care should also be taken to ensure that the autoresponder cannot respond to mailing list messages sent to the mailbox.
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