Recovering from AFX database corruption

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Recovering from AFX database corruption

Postby Susan Bunbury » Wed Feb 27th, 2008 3:18pm

The AFX database is very reliable, and if you do run into Database corruption problems is going to be caused by one of the following:

1.) Running out of room on the Hard Drive
2.) Shutting down abruptly - either power failure or by the User
3.) External backup regimes locking the Mailtraq database files
4.) Anti-virus programs locking the Mailtraq database files
5.) Corrupted disc-write problems.

Make sure you are following the advice on the website for:
backing up - as Restoring from a Backup may be the best option.
and are using suitable anti-virus programs -

If you are not sure what Database your Mailtraq is using, see:

Identifying Corruption
Database corruption is indicated if, when Mailtraq is behaving unexpectedly, you examine the Mailtraq Event Log and see entries similar to:

>[date] [time] EXCEPTION (NexusDB: ...variable text ... Recursive call (3 times):

with the 'variable text' containing a description of an event with a reference to a 'mailbox.afx'

If a corrupted page has been written to the .afx file you can attempt to recover the file by using this program:

Shutdown Mailtraq and take a copy of the Mailtraq Database folder and put it in a safe place where you can work on it.

The AFX files have this default location: C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\database\mail\inbox - you will be working on a copy

Working on the copy-database you need to copy the corrupted.afx file to something.nx1 and then run the recovery program against it.
Hopefully it will repair it successfully and the old .afx can be replaced with the new one - and then restart Mailtraq.

Make sure that Mailtraq is shut-down when you are doing the file substitutions.

(Updated April 1, 2008 to add default file location)
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