Setting Webmail as the default Email Client

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Setting Webmail as the default Email Client

Postby Susan Bunbury » Fri Jan 25th, 2008 4:06pm


It is straightforward to set WebMail as the default email client.

You just browse to:


and download/execute the file given.

You'll be prompted to login with your Mailtraq username and password. The webpage will then respond:

Please click on the link below and select Run if given the option. If that option does not appear, Save the file and then open the folder you saved it in with Explorer and double-click on it.

You will be asked if you wish to import the file into the Registry and you should agree to do so.

Once this registry patch has been imported, you will be able to select WebMail as your default mail client from the Tools | Internet Options | Programs menu in Internet Explorer.

There will be a couple of Windows 'auth' dialogs that follow acceptance, and then the menu option will be available as described.

Replace localhost with the location of your Mailtraq - for example
Remember that if you are using webmail on a secure port you need to be using https - for example
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